Eurail Global Pass benefits

Eurail Global Pass benefits

Eurial Global Pass benefits, is the blog that identifies and describes the wonders of this one document and explains how it worked for us(Sid+Nik) and made our trip comfortable,hassle free and flexible.

For the beginners who don’t know what this pass is all about and other information related to this pass go to my Blog on Eurail Pass Guide.

For tourists planning to visit many countries in Europe, its often difficult to fix on one plan as the plans can get here and there. Also the days of going from one country to another can change and travelling in between the countries cannot be planned in advance thats when Eurail Global Pass can come to your rescue.

Eurial Global Pass,Rail Europe Pass

Eurail Global Global pass

This pass is best suited for people who want to see more than 5 countries Plus its best for those who have ‘open plans’ and are ready to extend or prepone their stays in a particular country.We selected this pass as we had plan a travel Itinerary like


(We came back to Germany twice as we had good accommodation there and with Eurail Global pass we could travel any number of times taking any train so we did this to and fro business twice).

Eurail Global Pass benefits

Routes that we took

I just can go on and on talking about this ‘one travel document’ but just to sum up here are my points on benefits of Eurail Global Pass

Benefits of Eurail pass- 1. ‘One travel document’ serves as a multiple travel thing instead of buying point to point tickets.

With this one travel document or pass, you can travel to and fro to up to 28 countries in Europe without thinking about purchasing tickets each and every time at the ticket counter or kiosks. It saves you from point to point ticketing and makes your travel comfortable.

Benefits of Eurail pass- 2. With Eurail Global pass you can travel infinite times.

Once you have this pass you can travel as many times from one place to another (within 28 countries of Europe).

Benefits of Eurail pass- 3.This pass is flexible and continuous and hassle free.

This pass entitles you to take any train at any time within the stipulated time of your pass.The time that you select can be 7 or 10 or 15 days according to your travel plans and you get to travel continuously within that said period.Through this feature you can have open plans and can prepone or postpone your travels.

Once you have your pass you just need to get it activated on any train station for the first time.Activation means putting date and time on your pass which makes it valid from that day itself.We activated our Eurail Global Pass on Munich haupt bahnhof(main rail way station) and enjoyed our 15 days of travelling to its fullest.

Benefits of Eurail pass- 4:It is valid for all national railways and for some private railways too.

Because of this feature you can take any train as most of the trains are run by government services and are acceptable under this pass.There are also some private train companies that allow you to travel if you have Eurail Global pass.But there are some privately owned rail companies that do not accept this pass(such companies are very few) and for them you have to pay extra money.

We had purchase separate tickets for BOB trains running from Munich to Schliersee as BOB is privately owned company and didn’t accept Eurail pass so also keep this thing in mind.

To know the exact railways under Eurail visit

Benefits of Eurail pass- 5. By Eurail you can travel by local,Express,High-speed and also Night trains:

Many trains mentioned above are covered under Eurail to enjoy the scenic experience of Europe’s great landscapes and you can opt for any of these trains through your Global pass.

Benefits of Eurail pass- 6. No reservation required each and every time

With eurail you can take any national train and mostly you can have ample space to sit inside the trains so you don’t need to reserve a particular seat.However for some long distance and high speed trains you do need to do a prior reservation to book a particular seat.

We never reserved anything except for long distance journeys like from Munich To Paris(which was a night train) and once for long distance travelling between Paris to Rome.Apart from these 2 times we never reserved and wasted our money on reservations as the whole compartment was for us.Many times we were the only ones in the compartments but it all depends on your time of travel and crowd at that time.For more information on reservations go to http://(

Eurail Global pass benefits


Benefits of Eurail pass- 7. Planning the itineraries is easy because of Rail planner app

To know the exact timing of the trains,their timetables,the distance between countries,time taken to reach from one point to another this app is perfect. It works offline too and all can be done through this amazing eurail app or rail planner app. Here the link to 

Benefits of Eurail pass- 8. Eurail pass can be ordered online.

You can order this pass even before entering Europe as its available online.You just need to get it activated once you reach Europe.Online booking saves on money and is very convenient way to use this pass.

Benefits of Eurail pass- 9. Eurail pass gives discounts on hotels,hostels,museums etc

With Eurail you can avail a number of discounts on museums,ferry rides, buses and even on accomodation.

Benefits of Eurail pass- 10. This can also be used for some ferries.

Including train travel Eurail Global pass has partnership with ferry companies which gives you free or discounted ferry and boat travels.

Benefits of Eurail pass- 11 .You can get good quality food and beverages on board.

With Eurail first class you get a snack and drinks complimentary too.

Benefits of Eurail pass-12 .This pass makes you travel through Europe’s best views and amazing landscapes which surely cannot be missed.


Benefits of Eurail pass-13: With Eurail train travel you reach reh central area of each and every city and hence can explore walking tours as well.


If you are serious about your Europe travel and really want to see the actual Europe I will definitely recommend you to take this Global pass and explore it your way.If you have queries regarding how to plan your Europe trip go to my Blog about Europe trip Planner Guide.

If I have missed out on some benefits, feel free to comment and join in.

Till then Keep Travelling and Keep exploring

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