What I learned from Finland

What I learned from the Finland

What I learned from the Finland

What I learned from Finland  is the blog related to all the qualities, attributes and characteristics of Finnish people which I absolutely loved and are worth sharing with all of you.

Today On 6th Dec 2017, when Finland is celebrating its 100 years of Independence,I would like to pay a small tribute to this country by writing  my thoughts on it. So here is it.

When anyone utters the word ‘Finland’ most of us think of it as some cold country up there in the north. Most of us don’t really know anything about this hidden gem.

I could be one of them with no knowledge of this beautiful country and its people.

But I got lucky. Nik came here on a business trip and I accompanied him immediately.

Since then my encounter with the Finns and exploring their unique country has been my new found love. In my travels till now this is the only country where we actually stayed for so much time and that made Finland our Home.

So whats so special about the Finns? Yes Finland has some tall and blue eyed men and beautiful blonde women but apart from the looks and the appearance there are some special Finnish traits and characteristics that I completely loved and which I am definitely taking back with me to India.

1. They talk less and have Non judgemental Attitude.

People here hate unnecessary ‘small talk’ and are better at listening than talking. Here people don’t waste time in judging others and just do what they are meant to do. Colour, Class, Creed, Status, are not the things on which they will form an opinion about you. This indeed is a great quality of the Finns.

2. Love for Exercise and Fitness.

Since the day I landed here till the time I left this country all I saw was people exercising in all extreme conditions. Be it strong snowy weather or dull rainy day, one can always see people doing some kind of exercise and are so inclined towards being fit.

No doubt staying here made me one of them and yes I have lost some kgs of weight too 🙂

What I learned from the Finland

3. Their friendly yet aloof attitude.

If you ask a Finn for some help ,he will definitely help you or else he will walk past you without interfering in your matter or even without noticing you.

Because of this you can be yourself yet you know you will receive help when needed.

4. Love for Nature and Outdoor.

Finns love going out in the wild. They just love their seas, forests, national parks, trees so much. You will never see a Finn, just lying on a sofa with chips in hand and watching television for hours instead he will be out doing swimming, fishing, walking, running, doing some physical activity in the outdoors.

What I learned from the Finland

5. Living in the moment attitude.

Finns know how to enjoy the moment then and there without waiting for something magical. They have very short summers but they make the most of that time without complaining about it. Whatever sun they get they enjoy it to the fullest.

6. Modesty and Honesty runs in their genes.

The most most appreciable quality is that people here are damn honest. No wonder when that experiment of wallets was done [15 Fully loaded wallets were purposely dropped at different locations all over the world, with address and phone number inside, to check the honesty of people] 13 out of 15 wallets were returned in Finland..:)

Here you can take a man for his word as ‘yes means ‘yes’.

7. Good English speakers.

Finns can converse very well in English unlike any other European countries where they speak in their native languages only. My stay in Finland became enjoyable because people here speak very good english.

PS: I still get jitters remembering my first day in Germany where People were so reluctant to talk in english and German was so Greek to me..:P

8. Their best Education System.

Finland has the best education system in the whole world which makes the kids here so smart and well behaved. Apart from regular subjects they also are good in other extra curricular activities like sports, baking, gardening, trekking, fishing etc. Plus all kids know minimum 4 languages very well.

9. Their love for extreme things.

People here love to challenge their bodies and mind hence every year they come with some extreme sports challenges. Things like ‘jumping in chilled icy waters right after taking Sauna’ or ‘carry your wife and run’ competitions  are common here.

10. Love for cute colourful glasses and frames.

I have fallen in love with Sunglasses culture after coming here. While walking on the roads or shopping in malls what I did the most was admiring People’s spectacle frames and variety of sunglasses. The older the women the more trendy are her sunglasses 🙂

11. Either they know it or they don’t

People here are so true to themselves that If they know a certain thing they will come forward and tell you more about it but at the same time if they don’t know about something they admit it then and there. Pseudo Intelligence “( where people show that they know it but in real they don’t) is not the case with the Finns.

12. They are updated about the World news

Finns do follow the news and are fairly informed about whats happening in the world hence they have a opinion about issues. ‘Whatever’ Or ‘Okay’ attitude is not well digested by the Finns.

13. Their LOVE for Saunas and Coffee.

You can win a Finn by offering a strong cup of hot filter coffee as they love COFFEE a lot..:) another interesting and very dear thing to them is Taking a Sauna, where they relax and rejuvenate. I was fortunate to experience a Sauna bath at Nik’s colleague’s home and it was uber relaxing and an experience in itself for me.

14. Gender equality is at its best in Finland.

Women are treated so well here and they also hold important positions in the Government and important bodies. 

Travelling to different places does make you a good person.All these things which I saw, experienced and learned here have definitely made me a bit wiser than before.

I hope you all know a little more about Finland and its the people now 🙂

More blogs on this Awesome country coming soon

Till then …Keep travelling !!

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