25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore highlights all the things that we, #sidmeetsnik did in our 15 day long Singapore trip.

Singapore is a small, sweet and happening South Eastern Country which is known for its greenery, lion structures and financials centres. Its a global hub when it comes to business and rarely is seen as a touristy place.But “Happiness comes in small packages” and Singapore fits this phrase perfectly as there is so much that the country has to offer.

You all must be wondering as to what did we do for so many days as normally Singapore is covered in 3- 4 days by typical tourists.

But as travellers Me and Nik experienced Singapore in a different way and did some offbeat, rare, unique and fun things. Soak yourself in the Singapore heat and follow this ’25 fun and crazy things to do in Singapore’

1. Nature therapy by trekking to Bukit timah Nature Reserve and MacRitchie Reservoir.

  We went trekking to these 2 places and experienced the forest life for a day (more details about this trek     coming in my next blog).

  Sunny day+fresh air+bright sky+dense forest= happy us.

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Sinagapore

MacRitchie Reservoir

2. Kayak in Macritchie Reservoir

After trekking for the whole day at Macritchie,we enjoyed Kayaking in this reservoir. It was fun to kayak here along with many others.The rent was $ 15 for an hour and it was totally worth it.

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Kayaking @ Macritchie

3. Have a picnic at Sentosa Boardway

Sentosa Boardwalk is a wooden walkway which by walk takes to resort island of Sentosa. This Boardwalk is a place for an evening walk or just to chill by the sky with beer and snacks.There are many happening restaurants and Bars where you get good food and drinks. ViVocity is the mall which is connected to this boardwalk which is also a shopping centre.

But as usual we spent the evening little differently by having a ‘picnic’ all by ourselves with some close friends.We carried all the ingredients and made an Indian snack called” Bhel-puri” here. We had it with refreshing Blue lagoon drink made by a friend. 

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Picnic @ Sentosa Boardwalk

4. Chill in the 10 mile wide East Coast Park.

ECP is a beach park on the south eastern coast of Singapore. Its has a free entry and is open 24 hours of the day. One can walk, jog, cycle or just lie down looking at the sunny sky.

In late evenings and nights you can also book your spot and have barbecue parties with friends.We just had a ice shaves on the beach and watched the sun going down.

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Fun @east Coast park

5. Eat an Ice-cream sandwich

This sandwich ice-cream is one of the unique eats in Singapore and is only for 1$. You can get it in a wafer or in a bread and in many flavours. There are many local vendors selling this in main and busy areas of Singapore.Treats like this in between are best to beat the Singapore heat.

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Icecream sandwich

6. Street shop at BUGIS.

This is the best street shopping destination of Singapore where you can shop for dresses, scarfs, earrings, bags, umbrellas. Its the most budget friendly shopping market here, so definitely indulge in retail therapy in Bugis

7. Explore electronic malls like FUNAN and SIM LIM square.

Funan is the ultimate place for all your electronic stuff.You get good deals here so its good for all tech lovers.We got our Macbook Air from Funan and thats why I have a sweet memory of this mall.Sim lim square is good for second hand deals.

8. Window shop on Orchard road.

All big and major brands and international labels have their store on Orchard road.Shop till you drop or just wander on the road looking at exquisite stores.

9. Have close encounter with animals and birds by visiting Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird park.

If you love wildlife and are crazy about animals and different species of birds, you will love this places. Singapore zoo is an open type of ZOO and is quite big to explore.

25 fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Singapore Zoo & Jurong bird Park

10. See animals in their natural habitat and that too at night by experiencing Night safari.

Night safari was really something that I loved about Singapore. Its short and nicely covered night safari where you can see animals naturally roaming at night and relaxing in their dens.

11. Taste the smelly durian fruit at least once.

This fruit named Durian looks like a Jack fruit and tastes similar to it but it has a very peculiar pungent smell.This smell is very strong and which most of the people hate it.To have a unique experience do try this smelly fruit and challenge your nose to bear the smell.

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore


12. Spend an evening in Gardens by the bay and enjoy the laser show which is totally worth it.

Vertical colourful gardens and the light show in the evening makes Gardens by the bay a must visit spot. Also go up the OCBC skyway bridge and experience the beauty of Singapore from the top.

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay


25 fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Rhapsody Light and sound show

13. Stroll around Singapore flyer at night and witness its changing colours.

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Singapore flyer

14. Take a ‘king like experience’ by watching live belly dance on the streets of Clarke quay and indulge in night life of Singapore.

Clarke Quay area is a happening place and perfect for night outs when in Singapore.It has many bars,Discos and restaurants and the vibe there at night is just awesome.

25 fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

happening surroundings of Clarke quay

15. Eat dinner sitting on streets of Holland Village

Holland village is a very popular dinning destination and they have many road side restaurants.They offer a wide range of cuisines to cater your taste buds.

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Dinner @ holland Village

16. Sip Singapore sling sitting in Legendary raffles bar and dine in historic Fullerton Hotel.

‘Singapore sling’ is a unique cocktail in Singapore and if you wanna have it do visit the famous Raffles Bar here.Fullerton hotel on the other hand is one of the oldest and iconic hotels of Singapore. It looks very bright and when lighted looks amazing.Its right near the Merlion and is perfect for the back ground of your photos.

25 fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

17. Pose with the famous Merlion.

Without taking picture with the famous Merlion, your Singapore trip is not complete. Pose and click near it and share it with your friends(Please mind the clarity of our Photo with  the Merlion and just focus on the smiles on our faces :))

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

@ Merlion

18. Head to China town

Take the Chinese experience by walking on pagoda street and take blessings from Buddha Tooth relic temple situated there.

19. See ‘India’ in Singapore by wandering on streets of little India and visit Mustafa Mall.

Little India is the area, where you get everything Indian and it has many vegetarian restaurants as well. Mustafa mall is one of the biggest mall in little India and you can get each and everything here and its open 24 by 7.

20. Experience your luck at grand Expos where you can get huge discounts.

21. Travel to near by islands including SENTOSA.

Sentosa island has many attractions and is a 2 day trip in itself. It includes the famous Universal studios, underground sea life and also the famous Wings of fire show in the evening. But if you just wanna escape the crowd and want a relaxing day then head to quiet island of Pulao bin.

25 Fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

@ Sea world

22. Experience Singapore’s great panoramic views by going on the deck of Marina Bay Sands.

Marina bay sands  hotel has a observation deck on the top to enjoy the view. Singapore flyer is also a place to see Singapore from the top.These places are little costly but you can do one out of the both to indulge in great views of this country.

23. Climb up the Southern Ridges and visit Henderson waves.

This is the most un touristy thing we did but we just loved exploring this. Southern Ridges is a 9 km trail that connects 3 major parks together.There is also a highest pedestrian bridge there named Henderson waves which is 274 meter long.This bridge looks awesome at night with its LED lighting.

25 fun and Crazy things to do in Singapore

Southern Ridges Forest Trail & Henderson waves Bridge

24. Visit the 158 year old Botanical and Orchid gardens.

These tropical 158 year old botanical gardens are located in the heart of the city. They are also a part of UNESCO world heritage sites. They have different species of plants and has an Orchid garden inside where you can see different varieties of Orchids in various colours.

25. Enjoy the free walking tours and meet co tourists.

There are many free tours happening on weekends in Singapore so if you can make it do join some group and walk Singapore with them.We did it through Singapore footprints (https://singaporefootprints.com/ )


After reading the list I am sure you must be surprised to know about what all can be done here unlike the typical 2-3 day touring in Singapore.

So next time you Visit Singapore, visit these places and do the suggested activities like us to enhance the experience.

Do share it with us and comment your thoughts below.

Till then Happy travelling !!

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