Finding your Lorenzzo Bartollini

Finding your Lorenzzo Bartollini is a blog about finding and trusting true love and believing in the concept of companionship and following your instincts.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was just lazing around on the sofa surfing channels. A channel with beautiful landscapes and countryside vineyards caught my attention. The channel was ‘Romedy Movies’ and the movie named ‘Letters to Juliet’( http://Letters To Juliet – Official Trailer [HD] – YouTube) was playing on it. I was so mesmerised with the European filming,that I decided to watch it till the end.

It was a beautiful movie, the protagonist in the film Claire comes to find her true lover Lorenzzo Bartollini, 50 years after she left him.The movie touched me.It took me to a dreamy zone of thoughts and it felt so real and true and while I was coming back to the present tense, I thought how many of us have really found our Lorenzzo??

In today’s world when everything is virtual,Can love be real? Breakups, falling marriages, divorces it’s hard to believe there is anything called true love, isn’t it?

But the truth is Romeo and Juliet romances do exist even in this time, only thing is, we have to wait for the right person.

I see my Lorenzzo In Nik every single day and the moments I share with him makes me believe in the concept of marriage and companionship.

There is so much depth to the word ‘LOVE’ and there are so many shades of this word but If you ask me I am damn sure that yes ‘Love does exist’ and the right Lorenzzo is waiting for everyone.

Often First love is misinterpreted as the true love and people sulk when their first relationship fails.If one person has ditched us it doesn’t mean everyone is going to.If Someone has gone through one divorce it doesn’t mean another one is waiting too.The failure of one relationship,one breakup shouldn’t dissolve our faith in the institution of love and marriage.

Love can happen twice, thrice or couple of times too but the search for our Lorenzzo should be up always as there is and will be only one ‘Lorenzzo Bartilloni’ for us,in our life.

But how to be sure if he is our real Lorenzzo?, this is probably the question which is popping in your mind right now….

when true love happens, you do get a signal.Your heart guides you through this and you know he is the one.He is the one with whom you want to spend your whole life,He is the one with whom you will be happy in ups and downs of life,He is the one you want to grow old with….yes even if these sentences feel like they are copy pasted from Romantic Novels,they are true. I have experienced this with Nik and thats the reason I am writing this blog for all of you to go on this journey of finding the ‘one’.

If you have already reached your marriageable age( which i don’t think is true ) then many a times, Parents, friends, neighbours,relatives interfere and show more concern for choosing your partner. They just want you to get married and hence they just force you to settle on someone. This uncertain phase comes in life of everyone but thats the time when you have to keep the faith and keep moving without letting others dither your confidence.Patience is the key in this tough times.

Marriage is important but love is crucial

So don’t give up that fast. Don’t let the world decide your fate but you choose your own destiny. Living life to the fullest can happen only when you want it to happen. Two plus two cannot always be four and hence everyone’s life is different. Some may find their love in their twenties others may take some more time but one can find it if one wants to.

To identify the right person one has to deal with may wrong ones first.So don’t be afraid to take your chance. Trust your instincts and keep up the courage follow your heart.

This way you can find the road to your Lorenzzo..<3

Because when its love its never late.

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