Rösti a swiss dish in an Indian way.

Rösti, a swiss dish in an Indian way


Rösti, a swiss dish in an Indian way is my twist to the traditional Rösti. I have added some indian ingredients to make it little spicy and hot.

Rösti is a dish which is cooked from potatoes. Rösti is a swiss-german dish that I tried making in an Indian way and it worked. Rösti actually means crisp and golden and that is how a Rösti appears.It is one of the top ten dishes that is consumed on a large scale in Switzerland.

It can be an amazing side dish and can also be served as breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning where you cannot find anything in the kitchen other than potatoes. Its very quick and easy to make and yummy to taste. If you are a potato dish lover then just go for it.

Serves: 2


Ingredients For Rösti:


2 medium sized potatoes

Vegetable oil

Red paprika/green chillies (for extra heat)




Mixed herbs and cheese optional

Sour crème (if not available home made dahi (curd) will do.)


Method for Rösti :

  1. Wash the potatoes and peel them. Take these raw peeled potatoes and grate them in a bowl. The longer the strands of the potatoes the more crispy and firm will be the Rösti. Season these grated potato strands with salt, pepper,oregano and red paprika and keep aside.
  1. In a fry pan add 3 tablespoons of oil and leave it for heating (Instead of fry pan one can also use an omlette skillet for this dish). When the oil is heated, take a big lump of potato mixture and uniformly place it in to the pan. Keep on adding these shredded potatoes till the pan is full.
  1. Take a fork and gently spread out this mixture evenly on the pan so as to make a layer which is about ½ inch thick. If the layer seems to be very thin add some more shredded potatoes to the pan. At this stage you will hear the whizzzzz sound which is actually the sizzling sound of the potatoes. Add some more oil from the side if you feel it’s necessary or if it is drying up.
  1. After 5-6 minutes just try to lift the Rösti from one side and see if it is cooked at the bottom. If the underside of Rösti has become brownish red and if the potatoes on the top turn translucent, that’s when you will know that it is done from the bottom side.
  1. Once it is cooked from one side try to flip it on the other side. If you are not good at flipping place another fry pan on the gas stove, add oil and transfer the Rösti to it and let it cook it for another 5-6 minutes. Try to shake the pan if it comes out smoothly and its firm your crispy Rösti is done.
  1. Carefully slide the Rösti on a serving plate and cut it in to pieces as we do for our pizza and immediately serve it with sour crème or fresh curd


Rosti, a swiss dish


Variations that you can try on Rosti:

1. You can add the mixed herbs as seasoning for the Rösti instead of only pepper and oregano.

2.Adding Cheese on the top is also an amazing option

3.Garnish it with onions or spring onions to add extra crunch.

4.Serve it with sour crème to balance the favours.

DO try it and let me know about your twists and turns to this dish.

Happy eating!

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