6 must have breakfast foods in Pune

6  must have breakfast foods in Pune


6 must have breakfast foods in Pune, is the blog for everyone who wants to taste the authentic,traditional and tasty breakfast dishes in ‘amache Puneri Pune’.

Pune is 2nd largest city in Maharashtra,India and is known by many names be it “Oxford of the east “,the “two wheeler city”,Peshwa city etc etc.It is that city of India where family traditions are still followed and enjoyed and it has rich cultural heritage attached to it.

The most important thing for which Pune is famous for is actually its people which we call Puneri and their idiosyncrasies. People of Pune are unique in their own way and  have opinion on each and every thing. They are very inclined towards art, beauty, music, exercise, nature and most importantly food. They are the biggest foodies and enjoy their food culture a lot.There are many punekars who meet at the same tea stall or the same tapri(small kiosk shop) or the same food joint for almost 20 years and still don’t  get bored with any of it.

I am not an exception either and above all I am a big foodie myself who loves to indulge in good food and like describing it to my friends. I have taken that DHARA OIL advertisement saying..”hum kamate kyu hai…khane ke liye” very seriously so here are my top 6 must have breakfast foods in Pune when you are in my beautiful and cool city.

6 must have breakfast foods in Pune – No 1:Nothing like south indian idli,dosa,upma and wada


6 must have breakfast foods in Pune, Idli,Dosa, Wada.Upma,

south indian specialities


When it comes to south Indian food the only and only name comes to my mind is Vaishali (http://www.vaishalihotel.in/ …no its not because I have always eaten there and it stands on the most happening streets of  Fergusson College road  or F C road which also happens to be my college but the quality, ambiance, food service and on top of it its management is really cool.

Roopali (and Wadeshwar (http://www.wadeshwar.com/Restaurant/default.aspx) also are other South Indian options on the same road……but nothing beats the Sambar made in Vaishali…try it yourself.


6 must have breakfast foods in Pune – No 2: Puneri Misal


6 must have breakfast foods in Pune, Puneri misal

Puneri tangy tasty Misal

Punekars love to have their Sunday brunches at the famous Misal joins like Bedekar(http://www.bedekarmisal.com/), Kata kirr, Ramnath or Shrikrishna. We punekars love to debate over politics while having our tangy tasty missal and we don’t mind even if  we have to wait in queues to get inside because more the time more the conversations.

Misal joints are flocked with students, and is a budget friendly option which is affordable to most of the people.

6 must have breakfast foods in Pune- No 3: For bread lovers


6 must have breakfast foods in Pune,Bun maska and chai. omelette

Bun maska, akuri with bun

Punekars who love the British style of breakfast consisting of eggs and bread have amazing options like café Good luck (https://www.zomato.com/pune/cafe-goodluck-deccan-gymkhana),where you can savour on Bun maska chai.

German bakery(https://www.zomato.com/pune/german-bakery-wunderbar-law-college-road) for its kheema pav, variety of omlettes, akuris, and delicacies like red velvet cake and masala chai .For those who love the old Irani type of restaurants have an option of  Vahuman café (https://www.zomato.com/pune/vohuman-cafe-sasoon-road) near Sasson hospital.its a treat in itself to visit all these places.

6 must have breakfast foods in Pune- No 4:Appa chi khichadi and Badshahi


 6 must have breakfast foods in Pune, sabudana Khichadi


This Appa chi khichadi joint is perhaps one of the oldest in Pune and has an area where hardly 10 people can sit at a time but the taste of the sabudana khichadi and the raita of cucumber served with it is a hit amongst punekars.

‘KHI-KHA ‘the short form of ‘khicadi kakadi’  and can only and only be done by a Punekar.We love to give our own short names to places as we don’t believe in wasting our energies in nonsense talks…again a trait of a Punekars. We recognize places with short forms like ABC, FC Road, JM Road, LBS Road, SB road etc.Do also try this place if you want to have a feel of a old style Puneri restaurant with wooden benches.

Badshahi is another old and  unique restaurant on Tilak road where you can have ‘batata wada’ which is different from other wada joints as the filling is white and its served with spiced curd.

6 must have breakfast foods in Pune- No 5: Sweekar tapri which is open 24/7 


6 must have breakfast foods in Pune, Poha or Pohe


If its 4 am in the morning or its 12 at night anytime if u feel like having something and going out to eat there is only one and one shop which you will find open and its sweekar tapri.which serves poha and chai at any time of the day and night. Its famous in students who pretend to have studied whole night or for travellers coming at odd times or for bus and auto rickshaw drivers.

6 breakfast foods in Pune- N0 6: Bakeries


6 must have breakfast foods in Pune,Pattice,cream roll,shrewsbury biscuits

bakery delicacies

New Poona bakery, Green Bakery, Hindustan bakery , Santosh bakery and Kayani bakery are very crowded on Sunday mornings as people come here to pack delicious pattices which get over very fast and are a must have on a relaxed Sunday morning when in Pune.

Apart from it the cream rolls and the Mava cake are also enjoyed by punekars on a large scale.

People of Pune truly know how to enjoy life and what better than food to do it ,so next time you are in this incredible city and want a slice of Pehwai Puneri life, grab these breakfast delicacies and have fun because you are what you eat.

Till then bon appétit !

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Siddha JK

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