15 reasons to fall in love with Prague

15 reasons to fall in love with Prague

15 reasons to fall in love with Prague, Prague

15 reasons to fall in love with Prague is my personal favourite list of things that will make you drool over this wonderful city and will definitely make you fall in love with it.

Visiting Prague is literally like walking through history as it is a very old town over 1000 years old.The vibes that you get once you enter this city are so different that its very difficult to explain in words but needs to be experienced yourself.

I was deeply seduced by this capital of Czech republic and I am sure whoever will visit it will equally fall for its beauty and charm.Prague is the city to instantly fall in love with and if you ask me I can give more than 50 reasons to love this picturesque city.

But to cut down on our list here is our(Sid+Nik)’s Top 15 reasons to fall in love with Prague

  1. Gothic architecture which reminds us of the medieval time

Walking through this gothic architectural wonders like the St Vitus Cathedral, the Prague castle, the astronomical clock placed in old town square with its bridge tower and many more of such art pieces make Prague out of this world.

The panoramic view of Prague with its spires(elongated towers), red headed building and gold tipped churches made a never fading impression on us so Its definitely the number one reason according to us to fall in love with Praha or Prague.

  1. World famous BEER and breweries

Coming to Prague and not having beer is definitely a big No no. Beer is the most popular and cheapest drink in Prague and its even cheaper than water.Czech beers are light and are naturally brewed. ‘Pilsner Urquell is the most famous beer in Prague(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilsner_Urquell). Other varieties include budvar,Velvet,Kelt etc.

We both are not beer lovers but were tempted to have our pints when in Prague, so for beer lovers its a heaven and a reason to fall in love with Prague.

  1. Prague’s charming Bridges

After Venice if any city is famous for its bridges then it has to be Prague. The famous stone made Charles Bridge which has 30 statues of saints stands intact even in todays age.Its the oldest bridge here and connects old and new town .Other famous bridges are Svatopluk, Nusle,Troja etc.

These bridges come alive at night and look beautiful with lights. Walking on these bridges who have witnessed many historical stories is another reason for visiting Prague.

  1. Astronomical Clock Tower

The astronomical clock is the world wonder and many tourists just visit this old town square to see this magical clock which ticks every hour.This master pieces is about 600 years old but still amazes tourists all over the world because of its moving statues and its astronomical dial representing the positions of sun and moon. Its still running perfectly and is definitely a reason to come to Prague.

  1. Spires and Towers

Prague is the city which has maximin number of tower like buildings and spires, perhaps thats why its called the city of 100 spires.There is a forest of this spires and wherever we look in and around Prague we notice such spires which is a unique feature to fall in love with this city.

  1. Its famous Squares

Wenceslas square and old town square are the 2 most famous squares in Prague and are very touristy,full of restaurants and cafes and are bustling with night life.

Sitting in one of old cafes,having an evening coffee or a late night drink, chitchatting with friends, reading a nice book, studying the road map and planning what to do next and just watching the people pass by is what people do when they visit these squares. The relaxed culture of these squares is worth experiencing. aimless wandering, art and culture

  1. Number of churches,chapels,and basilicas

Its so difficult to actually count the number of churches and chapels and basilicas here as there are a number of these. Every church has a distinctive architechture and is unique in its own way.

  1. Cobbled streets and horse driven carriages

The amazing cobbled streets of Prague give it a edgy texture and make you realise that you are actually in Europe. To walk on these cobbled street is one of the best things to do in Europe and one can get a true experience of it when in Prague. Also there are Horse carriages which can be used for sightseeing.

Sitting on the horse carriage,running on cobbled streets, overlooking the old town square and passing through the arch ways made me feel like a ‘maharani'(queen) of Praha…definitely an experience to fall in love with.

  1. Castles and chateaus

when it comes to forts,castles and chateaus, Prague out numbers every city. It has a number of castles and chateaus. The most amazing thing to see is the view from the castles. The Well known Prague castle is the only ancient and the biggest castle according to Guinness book and gives an amazing panoramic view of the city and lives you spell bound.

A view at the roof top definitely calls for a ‘couple photograph’ or a selfie…a must do thing in Prague.

  1. Street music, painters and night life

Prague is filled with artists and musicians and they play their music on the streets near the famous landmarks. Open music concerts and bands can be enjoyed over beer.One can also get their portraits painted as many artists exhibit and sell these art pieces on bridges and famous squares.

The night life in Prague is again one of the top attraction for tourists as Prague has number of night clubs and pubs and a bursting night life.

  1. Museums and galleries

If you are a art lover like me then Prague full fills your quest for exquisite art works and culture. The dozens of museums in Prague exuberates amazing paintings, high Baroque statues, pre historic master pieces, jewellery of that time and much much more.

Its a treat to the eyes and a satisfaction for the soul to see such master pieces which stand intact and colourful even today.

  1. River Vltava

If river Seine reminds you of Paris then river Vltava equally distinguishes Prague and is one of the jewels of Prague.

The river is the longest in Czech republic and the whole city lights ups so distinctively because of river Vltava. The bridges,the castles look more beautiful when they reflect on the cool waters of Vltava.

Whether its sitting by the bank or overlooking it from the bridge or viewing it from the castle or simply enjoying the cruise ride in it, Vltava rivers has reasons to make everyone happy.

  1. Cafes and Vegetarian food culture

The cafes and the restaurants are so cozy and beautiful that they just entice you to come inside and have a drink. The wooden interiors and the colourful lamps just adds to the beauty of these small cafes and restaurants.

One more surprisingly amazing fact is Prague has a lot of vegetarian restaurants unlike other cities in Europe, so for a couple like us( who are pure vegetarians) it was truly a reason to fall in love.

  1. Music and art festivals

All through the year and especially in summers there are loads of events happening in Prague. There are rock concerts, art festivals, film and theatre shows and many many musicals and cultural programs happening which attracts a lot of tourists to Prague.

  1. Wanderer’s paradise

Last but not the least reason to fall in love with Prague is that it allows aimless wandering.

People like us who are not tourists but are explorers just love the leisurely atmosphere of the city and it deeply relaxes you and prepares you for the new adventure.

Our first Prague journey left us wanting for more and there is this never ending urge to visit Prague again and again.These were my top 15 reasons to fall in love with this city.Its definitely the must visit city according to me.

I am sure you all( who have been to Prague) must be having your own reasons to love Prague which I would love to read. So dont forget to share your Prague experiences here.

I will be waiting !

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